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Dekkabus was created by it’s founder Trevor Shore MBE in 2015 when the opportunity arose for him to purchase a vehicle very close to his heart.

Having worked in the passenger transport sector since 1975 our founder Director has gained a plethora of experience along his career path spanning five decades within the industry.

At the end of 2015, an already well-loved, preserved bus was put up for sale by it’s group of owners. Not just any vehicle; but a bus that has always had a special place in Trevor’s heart.

Now’s your perfect opportunity to hire our Dekkabus.

Our fleet

We’re extremely proud of our fleet. Vehicle interiors, exteriors and undersides are showered with love and attention to detail ensuring that your journey with us is a memorable one (for all of the right reasons).

Our carefully selected fleet allows us to cater for small and larger groups.

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