It’s all about us!

Trevor Shore MBE

Dekkabus was created by it’s founder Trevor Shore MBE in 2015 when the opportunity arose for him to purchase a vehicle very close to his heart.

Having worked in the passenger transport sector since 1975 our founder Director has gained a plethora of experience along his career path spanning five decades within the industry.

At the end of 2015, an already well-loved, preserved bus was put up for sale by it’s group of owners. Not just any vehicle; but a bus that has always had a special place in Trevor’s heart.

In 1975, Trev’ joined Hants & Dorset Motor Services Limited as a Conductor and was regularly allocated to this particular vehicle to undertake his duties. A year later saw Trevor drive this bus out of the blazing Bournemouth Bus Station inferno to safety.

The temptation was too great! Trev’s heart took over his head and a deal was struck to purchase the vehicle from it’s previous owners of the past 36 years.

To justify such a huge investment, the decision was made to bring the vehicle to such a high standard that the vehicle could re-enter active service as a Public Service Vehicle after a retirement of over 36 years stored away in the back of a barn.

After an extensive overhaul and refurbishment costing many, many thousands of pounds, the end result is a vehicle presented to the highest finish, maintained with pride and passion and driven by only the chosen few.

Be it a short journey to the Church or a day at the Races, we really do want you to share the journey with us!

Dekkabus Limited.