Classic bus hire for businesses

Nowhere in the corporate coach hire rulebook does it say that classic buses and coaches cannot undertake corporate work!

Conference Transport

Sunny Bournemouth has been the location of choice for many a wise conference organiser. The Bournemouth International Centre (BIC), availability of great hotels and the seaside location make Bournemouth a great place to work hard and play harder!

Whatever your requirement, we can take the transport worries from you and chauffeur your staff and/or delegates in comfort and style. Keeping your group together, finding your way through unfamiliar and congested towns or cities and knowing where to park need not concern you as our experienced drivers are there to deal with all that leaving you to focus on the important aspects of organising your conference.

Corporate Excursions

So you’ve been tasked with organising the next staff outing? You’ve called ‘The Last Resort Coach Company’ and you just know that their Driver Jobsworth is going to spoil your day! At Dekkabus, we’re proud to be a bit different as we will happily be a part of your day as little or as much as you want us to be.

Imagine arriving at Salisbury Racecourse turning heads as soon as you arrive in the coach park. Our Drivers love food and will gladly set out your buffet in time for your return to the bus after the last race if you promise them a free rein of the sausage roll and vol au vent tray!

Our fantastic classics will compliment a corporate event ensuring that you will really turn heads and gain additional interest and publicity. Making an exceptional photo opportunity and guaranteeing a point for discussion, our classic bus and coach hire provides additional ‘character’ to any corporate event.

We are a small company but don’t let that put you off – it just means that we can offer you a far greater personal service!

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