We decree an absolute party!

Our Divorce Specials cater for every divorce settlement.  Let us plan your party.  We team up with really good people to provide you with a divorce to remember (for all the right reasons!)

Choose a package that suits your settlement.

Barely Survived

A nice end to a bitter nightmare.  Let us give you and your pals a great afternoon out taking in the sights of Dorset.  Why not stop off at a pub or two, show friends where an ‘affair’ began or perform a ritualistic burning of the wedding dress or suit.  Return home or restart the party by being set down in Bournemouth for a night on the tiles!

Lick your wounds and count your losses with our ‘Barely Survived’ package!

Self Sufficient

A mutual uncoupling or brutal split.  Why not spend the day on board the Divorce Special and celebrate in style sipping Champagne?  Perhaps some retail therapy or a spin around the go-karting track before heading into town for a meal.  Return home or stay in Bournemouth for more naughtiness.

Share with your friends that your ex meant nothing with our ‘Self Sufficient’package!

I got it all!

You went for the jugular and bled them dry. Jump on board for the most indulgent of days!  Champagne breakfast aboard while enjoying a drive around your favourite haunts.  Then enjoy some shopping or your chosen activity before a well earned lunch.  After lunch, get back on board the Divorce Special for more Champagne celebrations before having a flutter at the Casino.

Anything is possible with the ‘I got it all’ package!

Dekkabus Limited.