Air & sea transfers

Arrivals and departures are, more often than not, the most important journeys your students will require. Dekkabus fully understand that a late coach is not an option!

Our operations team is more than happy to advise journey times and options available to you to ensure that your transfer requirements run like clockwork.

Popular terminals:

Bournemouth airport £250 £250 £280
Exeter airport £450 £450 £475
Gatwick airport £450 £470 £525
Heathrow airport £450 £450 £495
Luton airport £505 £550 £615
Southampton airport £300 £300 £300
Stansted airport £630 £685 £770
Dover docks or Folkestone Eurotunnel £605 £660 £740
Harwich docks £695 £760 £850

Please note: Gratuities are not included, neither are Airport Authority Charges. We also charge £50 per hour for delays caused by late connections above and beyond two hours.

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